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Webinars and Image Critique 2022

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Webinars - Beginner / Intermediate level - English

 ---- 5 participants per session ----

I am offering photography sessions through webinars for photographers who want to improve their skills and create impactful images.

This fun and interactive learning session will explain my process for choosing images that have potential for creating  impact and how to bring it to a higher level.  All images will be provided in advance by Danielle BB - (C) DBB Photo Art.

Note: You must be proficient in PS and LR - or any other program (ex. ON1,  PS Elements)  - that offers the following:

- Editing of raw files

- Basic editing in LR such as adjusting exposure, shadows, contrast, noise reduction 

- Basic editing in PS such as understanding how to work with layers, the brush and clone stamp tools, spot healing brush, quick selection tool, and blending modes

- From LR, image will be sent to PS for further editing and back to LR for final touch ups

At the end of the Webinar, you will be given a homework to do on an image.


Webinar - 2 hours and extra 30 minutes for additional questions - $125

Image critique from homework - 30 minutes - $25 - for Webinar participants only

If you are interested in participating, please send me your preferred date and time at


Looking forward to create works of art with you!



Image Critique Sessions (10 images)

We meet live on Zoom and discuss your images. Feedback will also be provided on settings and post-processing based on your images. After our live meeting, you receive the recording of the session to keep. 


Image Critique - 1.5 hours - $175

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