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Danielle is a self-taught photographer and most of her nature and wildlife photography is done in the provinces of Ontario and Québec, Canada. Danielle has always had an attraction to nature and wildlife.

She enjoys fishing and spending summer months with her husband cruising on the Rideau River system. While raising her two children, she had put her photography on the back shelf. Nine years ago, she a needed a hobby that would help recharge her after a busy life.

Her influences come from artists that share the same passion for nature. She loves the fine art effect on artwork and has been making art with her own touch of creativity. Her art begins with her photograph and is metamorphosed into creative visual arts.

In June 2014, Danielle became a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) as she wanted to be part of a team of people who shared the same passion. She is accredited in nature, wildlife, entomology, ornithology, botanical, animals and fine art.

Danielle has exhibited consistently (online and in person) for the past seven years and won several awards provincially and nationally. She offers presentations to photography clubs and is a member of artists associations where she is actively involved in the planning and coordinating Arts exhibitions. Danielle believes that being an artist is something that one is born to do and not learned at school, she went on to study through practical experience and learning through trial and error.

Danielle has a vision for the next few years ahead – she cherishes the dream of opening an art gallery where she can display not only her work but other artists’ artwork of all mediums. She has been successful in selling her art and would love to have a place where all of her work can be displayed.

Custom Art Prints

As a nature and wildlife photographer, Danielle feels a deep connection with nature and the landscape environment she is in. For Danielle, photography is the way to document the beauty and elegance of our surroundings.

Danielle creates custom art prints from her passion for photography. They are purchased for home or office décor, by real estate agents and interior designers for staging. Her artworks also make the perfect retirement gift.

All artworks are printed on high quality, archival materials and different mediums are used - Canvas, Fine Art Paper Photo paper, Deep Mat, Lustre or Metallic photo papers. Samples are available. The Boutique tab contains various images available for purchase in any size. Send an email containing the image you would like and a quote will be sent to you. 

If you just want to scroll through the galleries of images, follow these links to each category:

-- Birds, Shorebirds and Ducks

-- Herons of Ontario

-- Beautiful Owls

-- Butterflies and Moths

-- Dragonflies

-- Wildlife

Gift certificates are also available.

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